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André Martínez Reed

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Henry Gregg Gallery continues its tradition of showing exceptional master works with "Reverberation," a group show that explores the tension between the ephemeral body and echoes the eternal spirit.
The show also explores what endures the passage of time, with photographs to show its stillness and paintings to show the fluidity of its passage. Both mediums are often used for portraiture, drawing attention to the personal nature of the show's theme.

JUAN SANCHEZ-JUAREZ With his vibrant abstract paintings that combine broad, dynamic brushstrokes and a vivid palate of colors, Juan Sanchez-Juarez describes his work as “a melding of abstract, hard-edge, surrealism and the figurative – to make a statement that goes beyond the pictorial into something more compelling.” Sanchez-Juarez creates paintings that are, at once, visually exhilarating and intellectually daring. Born in Mexico City in 1946, the artist is the great-great grandson of Benito Juarez, President of Mexico from 1861 to 1865 [].

He studied at the Real Academia de San Carlos and has received numerous art awards, including First Prize at Concurso Annual de Bellas Artes in Guadalajara. His work is represented in prestigious collections internationally, including Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City, Philadelphia Museum of Art and the London Art Institute.

Mark Blanchette Works of photomontage by Marc Blanchette elucidate this complimentary contrariety. "Working Perfekt" captures the confinement of a life wasted in the sterility of a cubicle, with a clock and an obvious typo in the title to suggest the futility. "Venus Rising" balances this piece with apt urgency, as a marble bust appears to go up in flame. "The Voyage" shows both the desire to move and discover, but the use of a ship that closely resembles those of Christopher Columbus points to the permanent consequences of such a mission: That which has been discovered can not once again be unknown.

ARTIST INFORMATION The photography of Mark Blanchette has been collected and exhibited in museums and galleries throughout North America and abroad. His work has received numerous awards, and he has participated in many prestigious art festivals, including repeated exhibitions in Disney's Festival of the Masters. Mark works exclusively with black and white film and utilizes a conventional wet darkroom to create his surreal images.

The images are designed to allow the viewer to find their own interpretations of the meaning or message depicted in the content. The conclusion is oftentimes a reflection upon the individual's own personality. Mark is quoted, "I truly believe that if my art has generated any type of emotional response from the viewer, then my work is justified."

Bryce Lankard "Zoe, Vasquez Rocks CA#3" by Bryce Lankard juxtaposes fleeting beauty with a stolid, enduring rock face, drawing an interesting contrast between permanence and fleeting beauty. Within the frame, each work revels in the stillness of the photo as a way to both embrace and contain the passage of time.

The show's combination of both painting and photography highlights the strain between the transience of the body and the enduring quality of the spirit.

The show ultimately exposes the tension between satisfying immediate desires and the searching for that which transcends them.

Each work documents the ongoing push-and-pull between permanence and passage, as the show itself does as well.

About the Artist: Bryce Lankard moved to New Orleans in 1986, and has been photographing the city ever since. His work has been internationally exhibited and published to critical praise. New Orleans Contemporary Art Center published his work in "Louisiana Photographers," and exhibited his work in the CAC's show, "The Body Photographic". Absolut Vodka commissioned Lankard to produce an "Abosolut New Orleans" for his work commissioned for the Absolut Series. His documentary work was also included in "America Observed" show at the 92ndStreet Y in New York. His editorial work has appeared in publications including The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, Spin, Forbes, Time, Newsweek and the Village Voice. His work has won awards from the Press Club of New Orleans, most significantly for a documentary on the Charity Hospital System, and his fashion work has garnered a number of Alpha Awards. He was the co-founder, Creative Director and principal photographer for Tribe, a magazine that focused on the alternative culture of New Orleans and the South. The critically acclaimed and award winning publication was voted one of the years 10 best new magazines in the year of it's launch.

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